Social, mental, inspirational...
I am extracting the contents of an unsuspecting mind
and opening it up for all to view...these things that
the victims themselves cannot see of their own person,
things that will be, things that have been. In short,
people are very ignorant things..these strange and yet
beautiful creatures...sad and yet somehow euphoric to
Enjoy these lives, but remember to not feel exempt.
We are all victims sometime.

I call her that even though I do not know if that is
her name or not. I will not ask her name. I like her
better as a Rebecca. She is the one sitting on a stained
couch at a party or as we call them " a get-together".
She laughs too much, and at everything, she is using the
logic that if you smile and laugh a lot, people are bound
to like you. Her laughs are ingenuine but she does not
realize it. They never quite reach her eyes, but when she
produces them, her entire face turns red. She is
embarassed to be smiling, to put her self out there like
that, but it is essential that people like and accept her,
she does not exist without the validation of others.
No one there really notices her, perhaps that is why I do.
She is like pure, clean glass to anyone that takes the
moment to look. She is striving to be considered part of
a circle of friends, an elite, that she will never really
belong to. She notices everything and is a very self-
conscious person, she will imitate what she wants to be,
hoping that she will become that thing. She has it broken
down into a formula, and does not understand why it does
not work, hoping desperately that to others, she will blend
in nicely. She protrudes to my eyes. I am staring at her,
and she is very much aware. She looks away quickly, but I
cannot stop staring. I start to feel a little sadistic, she is very
noticeably uncomfortable with my probing eyes, she looks at
me every few moments to see if I am still scrutinizing her. I am.
She knows what I see and it terrifies her.
I should stop, she is so easy, so inviting, naive and immediately
accepting. She will sit there and be stared at, that is what she
thinks she is for. Her morals are very low, only because she does
not really think about it. She will agree to everything and anything.
And she will give you the world, but she is finicky about the few
things that are hers and only hers, she is very sentimental.
She could be abused so easily, and is in almost every mundane action
She could be laughing and I could push her hard, and she would still
force herself to be laughing. She will get herself a boyfriend, as
dictated by her friends. She will sleep with him very easily, to
simply say she has, she will never talk to him though. She just does
what she is supposed to. She may even be a lesbian. And she is very
delicate. When she gets upset it is so annoying you just want to slap
her. Rebecca is a special girl. It will take her awhile to figure this
out. But she will, and she will be very strong then.