"The Green Ribbon"

Once upon a time, there
was a girl named Jenny. She
was like any other girl, ex-
cept for one thing, she
always wore a green ribbon
around her neck.
There was a boy named
Alfred in her class at
school. Alfred liked Jenny
and Jenny liked Alfred.
One day he asked her,

"Why do always wear the
green ribbon around your

"I cannot tell you." she

But Alfred continued
to ask,

Jenny would say,

"It's not important."

Jenny and Alfred grew
up and fell in love. One
day they got married.
After their wedding,
Alfred said,

"Now that we are marr-
ied, you must tell me, why
you wear the green ribbon
around your neck."
"You still must wait"
Jenny answered,
"I will tell you when
the time is right."

Years passed. Alfred
and Jenny grew old. One
day Jenny became ill. The
doctor told her she was
going to die.
Jenny called Alfred
to her side.

"Alfred", she began,
"It is time to tell
you tell you about the
ribbon I wear around my
neck, untie it and you will
see why I could not tell
you before."

Slowly and carefully,
Alfred untied the green
ribbon Jenny wore around
her neck.

And Jenny's head fell

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