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August the 7, 2000
*New Section added*
"Buy Tracey"
Now you can buy original works by Tracey in the online catalogue.
3 new paintings added to the gallery, The Nap, Iris, and Ophelia 2000.

March the 5, 2000
4 new paintings added to the gallery, among which is my masterwork, the tower.
There are also two new writings
December the 5, 1999

New painting added to The Gallery, "Black Window Winter".
There was some difficulty getting recent paintings up, but hopefully they will be coming in soon. Thank you.

November the 10, 1999

Back at work now, updating..(obsessive compulsive..ahem)The webrings section has been done away with as I was not pleased with it. So since then I have co-founded my own webring, if you would like to take a look at it, you can follow the link through the "Miscellaneous This" section. It is still in it's newborn phase.
sections updated,

"The Gallery" - *updated*
"The Writings" - *updated*

I know what you want, ok?
I am going to be working on the studies soon, so stay tuned.

July the 9, 1999

Oh yes, we are now knee-deep in frames, which makes life much easier on me, if it proves to be trouble, please notify me and I will set up an alternative.
The Varying Shades of Grey is going to be on hiatus. I am off to worlds unknown (moving) and may possibly even step out into broad daylight. I have a plethera of new work to share, however, it is in a moving truck en I type.
It will be some time before I can work on the site. I give my word to make it worth the wait.
Thank you,


Monday, April 12, 1999

In the midst of an update. Some things are being changed around again. The Gallery has been changed formats as well as had new works added. If the frames turn out to be trouble, please complain.
Updates thus far:
"The Writings"
"The Gallery"

Friday, December 11, 1998 - *Updated*

"Webrings" - *new section*
"The Writings" - *updated*, poems added, writings added.
"The Gallery" - *updated*, new pieces added.
"The Stories" - *updated*, new story.
"Miscellaneous This" - *updated*, added link.
"Various Art" - *updated*, displayed works exchanged.

Sunday, September 27, 1998 - The page has been brutally affronted,
ravaged and beaten, and stitched back together once again. There
are many new things added, so go forth and enjoy or not.