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"Whipping Boy"

Too much and not enough
Too early and it's late too
splayed across my pillow
remnants of last morning's dew
Ear-high in earthquakes
pitter, pitter patter
some footprints up my arms
Grin to bear for other's sakes
Track them down to pools of worry
Splash and bask within
Counted for no reprimands
Self now be the jury
Auctioned off a whipping boy
to absorb much more than dare
lashes left of eyes so clear
Congregated ploy
of ecstasy and eden's fruit
They makes us taste them first
Sunken next withdraw away
obsession not uncouth
Palpitating, take no more
swallow and be freed
Or if not so, you fear it then
Trembling to the very core
Aggravated, condensated
Sweat wafting through the air
rest now my weary child
all across my pillows

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