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Your daggers
This mind won't let me remember
This heart won't let me forget
Twisted in a deformed emotion
The daggers stay lodged inside me
They face backwards
in a searing nostalgia
The times before
Before this storm
The calmness involved with a perfect oblivion
That the still
A tangible thought
Felt before a lightning bolt
Obscure injustice made just
World of pain
Meer rubble at my feet
From a pain I can never quite recover from
The grey sadness
Blacker than before
Unhealthy longings
Are all left to ponder
And all I have to feel off of
I half-heartedly search through truths
That I can never find meaning in
Should I want to
This is my new reality
I live in a world I have chosen for myself
Where there can be no answers
To a mind that asks too often
Accepted all too quickly as unfortunate
As seen in its purest form
Red streaks flow down from sky
Into an overcrowded heart
That can barely find the strength
To suffer anymore
This will is too weak to fight back
The rage has been compromised
The perfect victim found in a weary soul
Who has yet to apply the knowledge
Acquired through a lesson forced

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