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Whispering through nights
Wrestling through days
A conquest to be heard
and all must listen
lecture without the lie
O hush
O heed
O brilliant spectre of the silent soul
If a mouth was had
twould remain so shut
Spoken so thoroughly
and I see the words enter the night
Dusty gleam of particle
does awaken on such piers
A mind splayed open
prepared for it's demise
If knowledge be a burden
then beat my heavy head
The strikes against me serve me well
And do not speak
O Words of wisdom
Words of fear
Hear the words with thoughts I opened
My ears that stray
and gone with relief to it's presence
At a glance of such speech
they have run enchanted
And should they not return,
O remorse
O bitter word
souls to scream desire for freedom
and I will listen
but do not speak

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