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"Song for Apocalypse"

I watched it pass
before my eyes
with anchored feet
and no surprise
A child is spawn
and full of gold
please tell him now
his future's cold
Spend time in the basement of hell
Make him feel fear in his cell
The last in line
is first to fall
Sweet mercy praise
the rest must crawl
With bloodied eyes
and ears corrode
from loving lies
too often told
sweet loving lamentation
hold it back until it's done
so onward march
until this time
keep up some farce
keep us in line
too late we learn
to open eyes
so burn in hell
the end is nigh
Spend time in the petrified zoo
and wait for the world to anew
I will not bother to recite
what is left of this fight
all is lost
and nothing spared
not even those
to try to care
Spend time in the petrified zoo
I am dead and so are you

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