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"A Sea Experience"

It is summoning my soul
Longings in my heart
To sit at seas edge in moonlight
Wet sillouette of a being transformed
I need for the water
Such a beautiful gift
Surround my body once again
The gliding push it entails
A force so profound
Yet so easily aroused by my fins
Weightless spheres of oxygen
A simple conception
But so intriguing to float up cradling me
I would watch them
Escort them to the surface
Then only to dissipate
Gathering at far off shores
The mountainous foam
A temporary record
Of the life lain before my own
It is so still
The silence is felt
But I hear the voices of tranquility
Speaking softly
In a gentle constraint about my ears
I treat my enveloper as a robe of silk
Layers caressing, spilling over me
In a warm wet consumption
I close my eyes
To let myself wander
Whirling and turning
As I ascend to the surface
My head drops back
My hair encircles me
As the current Ive created entreats it to
Arms adduce slightly
To enjoy the pressure upon them
My soaking soul is joined in perfect unison with the sea
The boundaries can lie only above
In the colorful wake of abyss
There is no guide
No one else
There is one
One of their insignificance
Slighted by an eye too shallow
Inability to comprehend
The depth of this emotion
This sea
But here
But home
I become the meaning
It is me
And it is the sea

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