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part one:

I tried to suck the evil from the sky
with an antenna
into an old tin can on the grass
the green parts dead from all the dark
nearly undetectable
lights in the black sky
lovely light colors
can be so cruel
I had dreamt about it
I know it transpired times before
the traces of remembrance enough
to spring into action
and no one else caught it
if only a fraction
they think I'm crazy
forgive them, they forget
Dreams get over-hazy
maybe one of these times
I will get it right

part 2:

Oh what a dream!
the intense evil from a mansion's window
from an old mystery
is directed straight at me!
My only hope is to run
To make it to the safety of a gnarled tree
and those worried, outstretched hands
I get there, but I am doomed anyway, all lies
The hands smile mischeivious
the skies burst red and green
Ecstasy breathes all over me
and suddenly I don't care about anything else but this anymore
and when I close my eyes,
I writhe like my gnarled tree