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"The Hunter Captured by the Game"

I have watched you in silence for far too long

Your sadistic nature
Controlled your own hurt
The time is come
To prove your own worth
This day, I knew must come

Let it sink in
Bright freezing fact
Look about you
Your arms are tied
Eyes are wide
Nostrils flared

You captured you
In the trap you have set
Resenting your own solitude
Red hot angst lies through your lips
While your mind doubts hearts words
Thoughts that dig too far
Into an absent truth
Eyes ablaze
Caught in a trance of you fury
Seering throught the object
Bore another hole
In the bars stacked about you

I must be absolute
I have been waiting
At intervals between your cries
I express,

"Blame me if the need you feel"
"I watched you fall"
"My eyes too closed to see you"
"Your screams of hateful pleasure"
"Fell upon an ear gone deaf"
"From all screams prior"
"You crashed into you"
"A term gone literal"
"Look to whom you must defeat"
"I stay down the hall"
"Third door to the left"
"I promise to ache with each wail you produce"

I pause...

In a nurtured tone,

"I will tend to you"
"I give you clean words against your desecration" "I cannot but assist"
"Drop from a spoon"
"I can serve your medicine"
"A bitter taste"
"Your own personal preview"
"Of the realization to come"

Your eyes appear drowning

Slinked back in your cage
I crouch down
Forcing your eyes to meet my own
I whisper to you now,
My finality...

"Do not slay the dragon"
"Help him slay himself"