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Can you change channels this fast?         You're getting dizzy, and dizzier, and dizzier . . .         Could you hold your mouse up, I'm losing reception here, Thanks!.

                  Looking for a Movie?      On DVD?           And can't find it?

BE Sales Division Specializes in DVD Formats:

Region Free DVD Coding

Macrovision Off

Wide Screen

AC3 Dolby Digital 5.1, THX Mastered & Digital Cinema Surround Sounds

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Action Adventurers

Click Here !  No, Click Here ! Try Me ! No Try Me ! Oh God, Just Click One!

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Sci-Fi Enthusiasts

 OK OK, you're thinking we did this to all the pictures now right? Maybe we did, maybe not. I'm you're father, Luke Honestly, if you start buying, My boss will pay me more. OK, this is the last one. 

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Comedy Lovers

You gotta be bored to do this. I know, I was bored too. Look at that face Nam nam nam nam nam OK, me too, gotta go for Numero Uno......

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Start buying now. I'll tell God you're a good person No I won't tell Him what you've been doing. Go on, don't be shy. Try the links on the left side. NOW!!!!!!

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Ooooooh yummy What's that smell? OK, now we're running out of pictures It was fun for us too. Catch you on the Flip Side. Happy Shopping!!!!