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"Viscious Circles"

find me this albatross
bring me his head
one fallow swoop
and send back his disease
left in a hurry
not a trace
not a word
let there be light
then let it recede
eliminate the infection
save the untouched
sparse and still green
leave it to me
prickles to prockles
stab in the end
faded in bright light
alone with more dust
and fury and fiercesome
now numbed by maitenence
it is still here
thriving and cold
steal me a blanket
more chances to come
one after another
a viscious circle
accusatory actions
humbling still me still
and more and more
then more
and some more
no other way now
don't stop
oh god
made a pact with you
satan is green-eyed
and devilishly close

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