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"Blooming Theif"

Today I have a flower
I had to steal it
I said it was alright
But it was from a bouquet
imperiously designed
unintended regard
Bought from craftsman hand
given to someone else
I was passing it by
it caught my attention
these virginal flowers, died in pinks and reds
stained yet they thrive in ignorance
I could feel those flowers
there was this one flower
It spoke my name, it said,
"Child, I am yours"
"On this one day"
"Take me"
"Take me child"
"Steal me away"
mesmerized in trance
guided to this one
I plucked it without thinking through
grazed my palm across it
it was capable of holding me in pieces
an almost indifferent shell
but I do relish in this touch
these fingertips
and those petals
they meet and make love
I possessed
I stole a flower
Today I have a flower still